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Guest posts at Avenue Books must be centered around the business of writing, freelancing, fiction authors, work habits, and such things. We want to read about real-life experiences in the industry.

Do you make a living writing content and copy? How long did it take you to build clientele as a freelancer? What mistakes did you make that you can warn newbies about? Can you review a site or outlet that is best for freelancers?  Do you have a unique way of searching for jobs or keeping track of different assignments? Has your writing gig opened up a new door? Fiction writers: Any guerrilla marketing tactics or new ways to develop character or plot? Give it here.

We don’t want fiction or poems.

We cannot pay for the guest post. You’d get the usual benefits if we choose your submission–a bit more exposure, a few more backlinks to your stuff.  And, you might just save someone a lot of trouble…

Don’t pitch ideas; simply cut-n-paste your proposed submission into the body of an email. 800 words or less, please. No links in the text. Write a bio under thirty words and include one link of your choosing in there. As long as your info is useful and nicely-edited, the post will be published within a week.

Send this info and your post to:

waterheadbrother AT hotmail DOT com.

Email subject: Avenue Books guest post: (Your last name)