Wealth & Privilege and Brains & Beauty by Jeanette Watts – Virtual Book Tour

Historic Fiction
2013 / 2015
Book One (Wealth & Privilege)

Boy meets girl, falls in love at first sight. Oops, she’s already married. Bad planning. She becomes a friend and a muse, helps him find his voice. He knows that no one gets to capture their own muse, but he can dream, can’t he…?

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Book Two (Brains & Beauty)

Girl meets boy, falls in love at first sight. Kind of unfortunate for a married woman. He becomes her best friend, the only man in her life that she can really count on. She wishes there could be more to it. There can’t be, but she can dream, can’t she…?


Was it really less than a year since she had witnessed the conflagration at the railroad yard? Once again, she faced smoking ruins that had once been a thriving industry. This time, it wasn’t human made. Or at least, it wasn’t deliberate.

The Washburn “A” had been a seven-and-a-half story building, and the explosion had been so large it shattered glass windows in the neighboring city of St. Paul. It left a crater in the middle of the mill district. The circle of destruction was ringed with the charred skeletons of mills that existed on the edge of the blast zone.

Regina was far from alone as she picked her way through the piles of rock and an occasional gear. People were already salvaging those things that weren’t still on fire, or too burnt to be of any value. Insurance men were there. She could tell who they were when she overheard two of them muttering together about whether the damage should be considered fire or explosion. Others came merely to gawk at the carnage. Still others, no doubt, were there to mourn.

She was amazed that there were only eighteen other people killed in the explosion. Considering the scope of the wreckage, it seemed to her it could have been so much worse. Regina felt a certain gratitude that there were so few new widows. The bereaved would fit on a single trolley car.

She circumnavigated the debris field, fascinated by the extent of the damage and wondering how to prevent anything like this from happening in Sewickley. If the new Hungarian rollers were going to create more dust, she was going to need to do something to improve ventilation.

Her eyes scanned for places where Henry might have been found. There were fallen walls everywhere – and nothing looked like a place where a man could be pinned down, and survive, even briefly.

When she returned to the hotel, the concierge was able to help her make the arrangements with the train station over the transportation of a coffin.

Finally, Mr. George Christian, Senior, and George Christian, Junior, collected her at the hotel to take her back to the train station.

“I am so sorry for your loss, Mrs. Waring,” the elder Christian said.

“Thank you,” Regina answered, realizing she was going to be hearing that sentence over and over in the next several months.

“I don’t know why God spared me, and not your husband,” Mr. Christian continued. “I almost came with him to the mill that afternoon, but my business detained me longer than I thought.”

“Well,” Regina reasoned, “it’s a good thing that your business did detain you. Otherwise your son would also be suffering a loss in his family today.”

“Still, I feel responsible.” Mr. Christian frowned.

“If there’s anything we can do to help, please, let us know,” the younger Mr. Christian said.

There is nothing so awful in the world as uncertainty. The train ride home alone, with Henry’s coffin somewhere in the back of the train, was sad, but much less difficult than the trip to Minnesota had been.

Now, at least, Regina’s brain had something concrete to work on. There were problems to solve, or, at least, she knew what the problems were going to be.

wattsbrainsbeautyJeanette Watts is a dance instructor and performer of many different kinds of dance, a costumer, a former television producer, and a big softie who can’t learn to say no when people need help with their festivals. It makes it really difficult for her to get time to write.

Website: www.JeanetteWatts.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeanette.watts.94

Twitter: @JeanetteAWatts    


Purchase Links

Amazon: Wealth and Privilege: https://www.createspace.com/4352661

Brains and Beauty: https://www.createspace.com/5865403

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wealth-and-privilege-jeanette-watts/1115581019?ean=9781490934518


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