Journey Through Morowak by Kari Peterson — author interview

Fantasy / Adventure
Date Published: 4/25/15

It is medieval times in the land of Morowak.  Kings and Queens maintain sovereignty, and wielders of magic and fire breathing dragons are real.  Nobleman’s daughter, Arabella Wallington, is about to embark on a journey across the kingdom to meet her betrothed.  Stengar McKinnon is a titled soldier in the King’s army and she is assured a life of wealth and bliss. Arabella is herself a gifted war maiden, yet she follows her father’s orders and employs someone to protect her along the perilous crossing.  She chooses a man named Briol, whose magical abilities are tested throughout their adventure, and an enigmatic bond forms between them. Briol realizes there is something unique about Arabella, and it is brought to light.  A new unforeseen path now lies ahead.  This journey challenges everything Arabella has ever known.


Hi Avenue Books!  Thank you very much for featuring my book on your blog!  I am very excited for your stop on the tour!

Tell us about this story.  Journey Through Morowak was born from a location.  The area within the story is the same landscape that surrounds my family lake house.  We frequent this vacation home during the summer and it hold so many wonderful memories.  I have hiked across the difficult terrain and driven along the dirt backroads and my mind ran with ideas.  Arabella’s character developed first as her journey was what formed the story, but Briol’s character developed quickly as his abilities were exciting!  Everything from there came easily and naturally.  This is a story of honor and testing your worth, but also having to choose whether or not to follow your heart.

What living person do you most admire? I honestly don’t know.  All my life I have admired my grandfather, and he continues to be the person I admire most even after he passed away in 2005.

What is your most prized possession?  My kids.  It may be an obvious, boring answer, but it’s true.  If I couldn’t say my minions, then I would say my coffee pot.  [Symbol]

Which talent would you most like to have?  Teleportation.  I would love to be able to snap my fingers and get immediate inspiration from a beautiful place or take my family on an instant vacation.

Who is your favorite fictional character of all time?  I really enjoyed meeting Harry Potter.  He had so much to overcome, and through it all he maintained his integrity and personality.  I really dig that.

Who’s the favorite character that you created?  I would have to say Zorinthallis.  He may only have a short moment in this book, but believe me, there is much more of him to come!

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?  I’d say I am pretty darn close to it.  I have a wonderful family and have been blessed with health and a vast imagination.  I would only change the location where I live.  I live in a dust bowl.  I would love living on 600 acres with part of that pine tree covered mountains and lots of horses. <3<3<3

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?  Easy.  I would NOT have Hypothyroidism.  It has plagued me since third grade, and it has been a very tough obstacle to overcome.  I am still climbing!

Thank you!

morowak Author Pic I am not your average gal.  I didn’t grow up playing with Barbies or dressing in my mother’s clothes, jewelry or makeup.  I drove my matchbox cars over obstacle courses, climbed trees, built forts, dreamt of owning my own horse, and pretended to be an elven princess.  I continued to live my life on my terms, while staying true to my old fashioned values and respect.  After completing high school, I took on a full-time job and put myself through college.  In just under three years, I earned a degree in computers.  I try to use that knowledge as often as I can.

In 2006, before I had even discovered my passion for writing, I married a wonderful man named Mark.  Our love story is blissfully unique.  We now live in Washington State with our three rambunctious boys, a beautiful chocolate lab, a bouncy min pin, and a tubby tailless kitty.  I am as passionate about my books as I am of my family.  This is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.


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