My TESStimony by Contessa T. Walker-Jackson — Book Blitz


Each of us has a journey to go through in life. For some, that path seems easy, and everything in the lives of these blessed ones seems to fall into place effortlessly. For others, the path to a happy, successful life is paved with struggle and hardship.

I am one of those who have had to struggle. I wrote this book not simply to gain your sympathy or to draw attention to my pain, but to encourage others who’ve had to walk the same difficult roads in their lives. God, our Creator, did not design us to suffer through lives of pain and hurt, but has a much more joyful and important purpose for each of us. Discovering this fact helped me turn the path of my life around 180 degrees!

With this book, I intend to motivate and inspire those who look like me. I want to help my readers realize that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome with your personal TESStimony! Use this book as a therapeutic tool to help you restore your life, heal your spirit, and redeem your soul.

Through reading along with my personal journey, I want others to discover the pursuit of hope. We can all use hope in our lives.


Our incompetence to be satisfied with what we have stems from living in marketing societies that insist we need to keep purchasing more in order to be fulfilled. Trying to keep up with the “Joneses” by acquiring more money, bigger houses, better cars, and lovelier spouses will leave you unhappy and dissatisfied. Instead of wanting what we don’t have, it can be a pure revelation to turn around and want what we already have. Everything we do nowadays has been inspired from television.


8Contessa Jackson lives by the mantras “can’t give up now” and “there’s nothing too hard for God.” The CEO & owner of Huntsville, Alabama-based Exclusively By Tess, LLC, which provides event planning on every level, Jackson is also an entrepreneur, team builder, civic leader, mentor, product specialist, and educator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision, and a Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education.

In 2008, she founded Teacher’s P.E.T.S. Academy, a non-profit organization that provides guidance and encouragement to children and teens. Her dream is to open a tuition-free school that houses a 1,500-seat theater for the performing arts and community events.

Tess continues to fuel her passions and ambition as the published author of My TESStimony, through which she portrays her journey as a business-woman, wife, mother, and lover of life.

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