Guest Post: Fiona Havlish, author of In Full Voice

in full voice

Non Fiction – Memoir

Date Published: August 25, 2015

Fiona Havlish is an engaging inspirational speaker and success coach whose stories entertain and inspire those going through drastic life transitions. You would never guess that she stuttered as a child and spent the better part of her life trying to remain invisible while navigating her own journey in silence, hiding behind her roles as wife, mother, and nurse.

On September 11th 2001, after dropping her daughter off at childcare, she answered her cell phone oblivious to the fact that she was about to be shaken out of her hiding place and awakened to her own gifts of intuition, clairaudience, and healing.

In Full Voice is a story about one woman’s triumphant journey through trauma, loss, grief, illness (and even a flood) that led her to find her own voice so that she can help others uncover and share their own gifts with the world.

De-Cluttering Life

Today is the day to make some life changes. I am ready to write my next book but no words come. I wonder why and then I look around my office, the one I wrote my first book in. I realize I can no longer breathe because my chest is so tight. It feels as though an elephant is sitting on it and no, it’s not a heart attack! It’s clutter! All the books are neatly on the shelves and then there are the fillers. You all know what fillers look like, right?
I have papers stuck between the books, essential oils in containers on top of the books and amazing amounts of information from all the seminars I have taken on personal development. There are headphones, knick-knacks, (only the important ones that inspire me of course), decoys and pictures of the World Trade Center, before the fall. I can still see my floor, so I guess that says something about my ability to maintain some sense of order and yet I still cannot breathe.
Clutter does not inspire me. It depresses me, sucking the life right out of me. My head feels like it’s filled with a ball of yarn the cat just played with and I have no idea what I am to do because my calendar, the guide to my life, is buried under mountains of papers. I am now putting out fires in my attempt to be organized and the stress is beginning to build!
My solution is to sit back, take a few deep breaths, release them and acknowledge what my feeling and emotions are in this moment and ask myself a few questions;

  1. Do I really need everything on my shelves?
  2. Do they make me happy? If not then they must go.
  3. Do the knick-knacks still have meaning for me or have they fulfilled their role in my life?
  4. What stops me from breathing the most and if it were gone would lighten up my life?

Once I have answered these questions I know what to do:

  1. Let go! Sometimes it is very difficult for me to let go of papers because I never know when I will need them and yet I’ve never once looked at them since I took the seminar. I throw them all out after thanking them for helping me. I am beginning to feel a deep breath coming on even as I write this.
  2. Create a space I LOVE and can breathe in. I remove everything that does not create a feeling of joy.

As I write this I can feel how freeing it will be when I de-clutter my office. I know one of the results will be the removal of the chaos in my head so I can think, create and imagine clearly and take the next step into life.

Does this happen to you? What do you do about this issue of clutter? How does clutter affect your life?

About the Author

Fiona Havlish is an intuitive healer through the use of life’s transformational wake up calls.  She has fhavlish_full voicea BSN degree, is a reiki master and success coach who works through the energetic spiritual realm. She currently lives in Boulder Colorado with her daughter, Michaela, where she enjoys sharing her newest energy practice, Raindrop Technique, and singing duets with her Boston Terrier, Molly, who is an amazing singer herself.

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